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We Build exceptional boats

Click Below to see High-Resolution images of our construction process of the most popular jetboat on the planet.

Ralmarine is the proud manufacturer of the world famous Xcaret Adrenalina Jetboat.

The Xcaret Question

In only a couple of years, over 100,000 people have had the pleasure of safely riding the Xcaret Adrenalina

As you just witnessed in the last video, very few boats in the world of this activity will be tested as thoroughly and as frequently.

The question is: how is it possible that a boat can take as much punishment as the Xcaret Adrenalina, without degrading or failing?


Xcaret Andrenalina Explained

The answer is: Ralmarine

Here at Ralmarine, every decision, at every level, is made with the intention of being the best.

Many of our competitors will cut corners for the sake of lowering cost.

However, our unyielding insistence on having the best everything, is the secret to our success.

The Architect

Every great boat begins in the mind of a great architect.

Ivan Erdevicki studied naval architecture at the University of Zagreb, before continuing his studies at UCLA for mechanical engineering. He culminated his education with yacht design at the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology.

Ivan Erdevicki has become an award-winning architect, and is world renown for his commitment to excellence.

Ralmarine is honored to collaborate with such an esteemed architect to design our flagship boat. 

Manufacturing Material

—A boat is only as strong as the material used to manufacture it.

—That is why we only settle for Naval Grade Aluminum: Marine Type AL5086

—AL5086 is the optimum choice of aluminum for boat building, because its unique ability to resist heat degradation and salt corrosion.*

Manufacturing Method

—After selecting a world renown naval architect, and naval grade aluminum, we continued to strive for the best, by adhering to Lloyds SSC-G5 classification for boat manufacturing.

—Our aluminum is fully welded for strength and stiffness to ensure the highest operational performance. The high stress, impact and abrasion areas are predetermined in the design stage and reinforced to ensure integrity and longevity of the boat structure

In Summary

So again, why was the Xcaret Adrenalina, offered by Ralmarine, able to withstand over 100,000 passengers without degrading or failing?

Uncompromising Quality Control in 3 Key Areas:

Architecture:By selecting an award-winning Naval Architect

Material: By choosing a supreme building material in AL5086 aluminum

Manufacturing Method: By adhering to Lloyds SSC-G5 classification for boat manufacturing.

Other manufacturer’s may have theories as to why they’re the best…

We have the empirical proof to backup our claim!

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