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RalMarine was founded in 2006. RalMarine’s commitment to excellence has been the key to its success in the Marine/Industrial world. This commitment has paved the way for RalMarine’s presence in all of North America, including Canada, United States and Mexico. RalMarine is a full service marine enterprise covering all of your vessel’s needs. Whether you need to purchase Marine/Industrial parts, or need service performed, RalMarine can handle the job.

Our company holds strong relationships with well-known brand names like Volvo Penta and Hamilton Jet. Our product line ranges from impellers, belts, propellers to generators, waterjets, and diesel engines. We pride ourselves in solving a wide-array of client problems, however basic or unique that problem may be. RalMarine is staffed with an experienced team of experts in every department, from vessel construction, mechanical repairs, preventive maintenance, and the sale of parts. Our main focus is satisfying our customer by tailoring a solution unique to each problem.

Our preventive maintenance program is among the most extensive in the industry. We offer detailed reports explaining what we have done, and when we did it. The main focus is preventing small inexpensive issues from ballooning into large expensive repairs. By checking that every system is in full working order at all times, you can enjoy your vessel worry-free.

Some people prefer to do things on their own. Sometimes, things don’t go as you expected. Because of this, we offer a 24/7 Technical Assistance Program for both Marine/Industrial equipment. With our assistance, you can overcome any obstacle—because let’s face it, there will be obstacles—anytime, day or night.



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